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Whitefish Point Named Cranberry Capital of the State of Michigan

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to Michigan's Only Historic Cranberry Farm (Est. 1876)

Cranberry Farm Overhead View

Overhead view of Centennial Cranberry Farm

Experience the beauty of a cranberry harvest!
Delightful cranberry products are now available for your online purchasing. Select from a wide variety of great items: Fresh Cranberries, Cranberry Products, Cranberry Recipes, Cranberry Gifts, and more! Owners Loren and Sharon House offer for your enjoyment farm tours and a farm market, Jenny's Cranberry Gifts. We offer a wide variety of specialty cranberry items.
Also fresh cranberries will be made available for online purchasing during October and November. Our Upper Peninsula Farm is open to the public from Memorial Day weekend through October 31st. Visit our Maps page for more information on location and our Area Attraction Links.

There's always something to see, but nothing rivals harvest time in October. The bogs are crimson with ripe berries and turning leaves and there is a frenzy of activity with mechanical pickers and hip-booted workers cruising the flooded fields.

So come join us in October on location in Michigan! Walk around and watch the activity. Tours are free during harvest week!

Our online store is open 24/7 throughout the year with many items that are available all year round. Check back often for new products and recipes!

Photo on right: Owner Loren House shows off his beautiful red cranberries!

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Michigan's Only Historic Cranberry Farm
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